Warren Fitzgerald is available for full day, morning or afternoon mediation and conciliation sessions at our Boston Office and throughout the country.

Please contact us at 617.241.4299 or contact us for scheduling. We will gladly assist with scheduling arrangements with all parties.

Confirmation of a scheduled session requires agreement to our fee and payment terms and will be made upon receipt of fee payment.

Fee and Payment Terms

We provide half day and full day mediations and conciliations on a flat rate basis. There is no additional charge for ordinary case preparation, case administration or telephone conferences before or after the mediation session.

Our standard fee for half day morning or afternoon mediation or conciliation sessions is $900 per party for 4 hours. Half day sessions with 4 or more parties are $750 per party. Full day sessions are $1600 per party for 8 hours. Full day sessions with 4 or more parties are $1300 per party.

Fees for mediations or conciliations extending beyond the scheduled session will be billed at the rate of $225 per hour per party and are payable within 14 days following the session.

Fees are due and payable 30 days in advance of the scheduled session unless scheduling is confirmed less than 30 days in advance. Confirmation of scheduled sessions will be made upon receipt of fee payment.

Matters requiring an unusual commitment of time, travel outside of the region or extraordinary facilities accommodations will be negotiated with the parties in advance.

Cancellations of scheduled sessions:

No charge for cases cancelled 30 days or more prior to scheduled session.

Administrative fee of $100 for cases cancelled within 30 days prior to scheduled session for which we cannot schedule another matter.

Charge of full cost of the scheduled session fee for cases cancelled within 7 days of the scheduled session for which we cannot schedule another matter.

Special Scheduling Requests

We realize that settlement negotiations and settlements do not always fit neatly into the 9 to 5 business hours or the 5-day work week. We will make whatever arrangements we are able to be available when you need us. Kindly call us to discuss special scheduling arrangements.

The material contained on this website is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute and should not be construed as professional or legal advice. Fitzgerald Dispute Resolution LLC provides mediation and conciliation services and does not provide legal representation or advocacy. Legal counsel or other professional advice should be sought if expert assistance is required.